Bob, The Grasshopper

I hope everyone is doing okay, amidst everything that’s going on around the world right now.  I think the goal for me this year is just to survive through all this chaos.

I want to share a little encouragement to remind myself to keep going.  I hope it’ll remind you too.

Bob, the grasshopper

I want to tell you a story of a grasshopper; let’s call him “Bob”.  I found him on my windshield one morning when I got in the car.  My husband told me to just drive and he’ll leave.  So I drove, and Bob realize the wind was getting big as I saw his antenna fly like crazy.  I thought he would jump off the next time I came to a stop sign or traffic light, but nope; he held on.

When I got onto the highway, I worried he’d get blown off if he doesn’t fly off soon.  I then noticed he turned himself, facing forward and head-on into the wind.  As I drove faster and faster, he held on tighter and tighter.  When I reached the top of a bridge, he was still there.  I was hoping he’d hold on just a little longer because there was nothing around right then, except mud and water; he wouldn’t survive.

I finally drove by Facebook and hoped he’d get off; he’s gone far enough and has shelter in sight.  But nope, he’s still on my windshield, and he started climbing up it.  When the lights turned green, the car started moving so the wind increased again.  Bob was barely holding on with only one side of his appendages still on the windshield.  Struggling against the wind, he readjusted himself to face forward and planted himself hard onto my windshield as I got onto the freeway again.  When I reached my work place and parked, I was glad to find Bob still there.  He relaxed and started walking around the windshield and up towards the roof of the car.  Hoping he would leave my car by the time I go home, I made sure to park next to a tree.

I’m happy to report that Bob was no longer on my car when I left from work that day.  I hope he likes his new place, a business park with a lot of greenery, geese and insects, and right by the bay.

Even though it was about a 20-min trip for me, it was probably a long journey for Bob. I’m sure no matter how far he’d fly, he wouldn’t imagine being on the other side of the bay, but here he is now in his short lifespan.

Bob’s journey kinda reminds me of life.  We all start at some point in time on this journey where we think we’re safe and happy and we’re content.  But then we’re taken for a ride…one with lots of turbulence, ups and downs, left and right.  Then a calm.

We might have time to reflect, maybe even given a choice to turn around and walk away, or continue and see what’s ahead.  Then before we know it, things start to turn worse and we’re pushed and challenged like never before.  But we learn to hold on and readjust ourselves, our attitudes, our outlook; we adapt and we grow.  Eventually this ride will come to an end, and we find ourselves in a new place and space.

Maybe we still don’t know what’s around or what’s ahead waiting for us, but we’re curious to find out.  And we now know that we’ve gotten stronger than we were when we started, and we know we’re capable of facing what’s ahead head-on.  We also know all this is worth it because it’ll bring us to another chapter in life, a new discovery, something beautiful and worth exploring.

I see a “Bob” in me.  I hope there’s a “Bob” in you too.


You are a worthwhile possibility to God; He has a lot invested in your future.  He will never forsake you, but will face the future head-on with you.

10 For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. (Ephesians 2:10 NIV)

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